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Larruk : Melaleuca Quinquenervia Cav.

Larruk, also known as Melaleuca quinquenervia Cav, is a tree species native to the K’gari Coast in Queensland, Australia. It is known for its strong and distinctive aroma and is used in traditional medicine and as a source of essential oil.

When distilled, the key flavour molecules found in Larruk will impart a unique and complex flavour profile to the distilled spirit. The primary flavour molecule found in Larruk is 18-Cineole, which makes up between 55.0-65.0% of the tree’s essential oil. 18-Cineole is a terpene that gives off a strong eucalyptus-like scent and taste.

The secondary flavour molecule found in Larruk is α-pinene, which makes up between 7.0-12.0% of the tree’s essential oil. α-pinene gives off a piney aroma and taste. The (+)-limonene, present between 6.0-12.0% gives a lemon-like scent and taste.

α-Terpineol is also found in Larruk, making up between 4.0-10.0% of the tree’s essential oil. It gives off a floral, fruity and herbal aroma and taste. β-Pinene and Viridiflorol are also present in small amounts, making up between 1.5-4.5% and 1.0-3.5% of the tree’s essential oil respectively. They give off a woody, piney and spicy aroma and taste.

In smaller traces, β-Caryophyllene and β-Myrcene are also present. β-Caryophyllene gives off a spicy and woody aroma and taste, while β-Myrcene gives off a fruity, floral and herbal aroma and taste.

When distilled, these flavour molecules interact to create a unique and complex flavour profile in the distilled spirit. The dominant flavour will be the eucalyptus-like flavour and aroma imparted by the 18-Cineole, while the α-pinene, (+)-limonene, α-Terpineol, β-Pinene, Viridiflorol, β-Caryophyllene and β-Myrcene will add a piney, lemon-like, floral, fruity, woody, spicy and herbal notes to the distilled spirit.

It’s worth noting that the essential oil composition of Larruk can vary depending on the growing conditions and the extraction method used. The flavour profile of the distilled spirit will depend on the specific essential oil used in the distillation process.

Tasting Notes:

A distilled spirit distilled with Larruk will have a unique and complex flavour profile, with prominent notes of eucalyptus and pine. On the nose, it will have a strong aroma of eucalyptus with a hint of lemon and pine. The palate will have a smooth and clean texture with a subtle sweetness, followed by a burst of fresh eucalyptus and pine flavours with a hint of lemon. The finish will be slightly dry with a lingering eucalyptus aftertaste.

As a result, this distilled spirit can be enjoyed on its own, over ice, or as an ingredient in cocktails to add a unique and complex flavour profile. It can be paired with mixers such as tonic water or soda water to enhance the eucalyptus and pine notes, or used in cocktails such as martinis and gin and tonics for a unique twist.

The K’gari coast, also known as the Fraser Coast in Queensland, Australia, is known for its beautiful beaches, subtropical climate, and diverse flora and fauna. The region’s unique environment plays a significant role in the development of Larruk’s essential oil composition and its distinct flavour profile. The sunny and subtropical climate in the K’gari coast allows for the growth of the Larruk tree, which is able to thrive and produce a high-quality essential oil with a unique flavour profile.

Overall, the distilled spirit distilled with Larruk is perfect for those who love unique and complex flavours and appreciate the connection between the land and its produce. The distilled spirit is a representation of the beautiful and unique region of K’gari coast in Queensland, Australia, and its rich and diverse flora.

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